Office of the Controller
200 N. Main Street, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-978-7200, phone
213-978-7211, fax

Office Hours:
: 8AM-5PM
Operations Sections (Payroll, Paymaster, etc.): 8AM-4PM

Controller's Office FAST FACTS

  • Disburse close to 290,000 payments to vendors annually, totaling nearly $5 billion including Special Funds 
  • Process payroll totaling $131 million bi-weekly for over 42,000 employees
  • Manage a multi-lingual Fraud Waste & Abuse toll free hotline (1-866-428-1514) available in 175 languages; and respond to over 300 allegations annually
  • Conduct independent financial, performance, contract compliance and information systems audits of all council-controlled and proprietary departments ($20 billion combined budget)
  • Present and report financial information through annual State reports and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for $51 billion in total assets and $29 billion in total liabilities
  • Maintain records of nearly 560,000 checks issued totaling $11 billion annually
  • Prepare the Municipal Improvements Corporation of Los Angeles (MICLA) financial statements with total outstanding liabilities of $1.6 billion 


Audit of Development Impact Fees


Workforce Data-Mining Analysis


City of Los Angeles Domestic Violence Services and Programs


Audit of the City's Change Order Management Process 

Women at Work

Snapshot of the status of women in Los Angeles City government by department or by employee category


Updated Salaries for City of Los Angeles Employees 

Note: These are approved annual salaries AND the YTD actual earnings for full-time city employees.  It reflects reduced pay due to voluntary waivers, furloughs etc., and increased pay for overtime work, car allowances, cash-in-lieu for health benefits etc.


Charter-Mandated Objections to Invoice No. 070114 from DPW for Payment to Joint Safety Institute 


L.A. Times: Where's our public art? Wrapped up in red tape.  


Galperin Audit Clears Path to Improve Public Arts Program 


Special Funds Report - March 19, 2014 


Community Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2013 


New Report by LA Controller Ron Galperin Details City Payroll, Overtime, Bonus and Healthcare


Galperin Subpoenas DWP Union Trustee


City Controller Galperin Throws Open the Doors to the City's Financial Data 


Los Angeles City Controller Details DWP Wages Boosted by Overtime & Bonus



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